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New York City: Year 2, Day 238

Preparations from Henry VIĀ have begun at The New School for Drama. I wish I’d not abandoned this writing endeavor of mine during the period of the dark cloud while working on The Chekhov Project. I emerged and on the other side of the dark cloud was a beautiful show that I am deeply proud to have been a part of. I wish the feelings of joy on stage were documented alongside the uncertainties I had during the rehearsal process. No matter. Time for another show.

This is what the early preparation looks like:

I want to write about the amazing movement techniques I’ve been exposed to recently, the way I can feel my body waking up. I want to write about my beautiful classmates and their inspiring work. I want to write about the red, pink, and purple walls of the Circus Arts studio we shared today and the way old trunks lined the back wall. There’s much I want to say, but my brain is almost as tired as my bones.

So, there’s this…

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