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Ohio Holiday

Clarksville, Ohio is a far cry from this big city I’ve called home for a year and a half.

New York City: Year 2, Day 101

And I was incredibly thankful for that during my recent holiday jaunt to the Midwest.

Chris and I hopped a plane  on Wednesday morning to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Highlights of the trip included amazing food, perfect company, a cozy fire, two puppies, a Christmas tree adventure, a visit to the college my Grandfather attended, beautiful land, exploration of an abandoned barn, and much-needed rest.

On Saturday morning while Chris and his dad split wood, I went for a walk on their property. Here’s some video I took:


It was a beautiful trip. I was sad to leave. Now I’m in New York, right back in the thick of things at the New School for Drama where I’m asked to be entirely too many people every day. Currently I’m working on Alma in Summer and Smoke, Nina in The Seagull, Lavinia in Titus Andronicus, Queen Elizabeth in Richard III, Henry V in Henry V, and Mom/The Grunch in a rockin’ new play called Mother’s Hatchet: A Cautionary Tale for Jewish Children. The all-star Mother’s Hatchet team features the beautiful Michelle Trester, whose clown looks a little bit like this:

Needless to say, only good things are happening.


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I’ll be back soon.

A Thanksgiving Haiku

New York City: Year 2, Day 95

(by the lovely Evangeline Fontaine)

Off to Ohio
to a town with few people
where boyfriends come from

…off to Ohio indeed, with my Poet friend at my side. Real posts will resume when I get back. There’s much to be thankful for.

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brief insights

I’m still here. I’ve just been spending the majority of my time in 1923 for the past few weeks.

New York City: Year 2, Day 74

The Adding Machine will dominate an upcoming post, but for now, some short clips. Like pictures, but better!

First, I was walking to the subway station last week and this was happening:

Second, a few beautiful moments as I was catching dinner with The Poet at Bus Stop before dress rehearsal:

Next, my second annual encounter with the pumpkin festivities in Abingdon Square:

And last, Siri Hellerman.

Oh, Siri Hellerman…

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